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Chair of public mining firm reflects on 'staying value' of bitcoin

Apr 24, 2024
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Chair of public mining firm reflects on 'staying value' of bitcoin

As digital currencies continue to captivate the financial world, questions about the intrinsic value and utility of bitcoin remain.

Roundtable anchor Rob Nelson recently delved into those questions with Brittany Kaiser, chair of the board at Gryphon Digital Mining (GRYP).

Unlike many investors who are primarily concerned with the fluctuating prices of digital assets, Kaiser emphasized a more visionary perspective on bitcoin, viewing it as much more than a mere vehicle for short-term gains.

Nelson opened the dialogue by addressing a common concern among investors — the price of bitcoin. He pointed out that while many are preoccupied with potential gains or losses, true believers in bitcoin see it as more than just an opportunity for financial gain.

"For better or worse, most people still look at their risk portfolios and go, 'How much money am I going to lose or win, even if it's a long-term game?'," Nelson remarked, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of bitcoin's value as a technology.

Kaiser highlighted the cyclical nature of bitcoin's price and projected confidence in its growth, suggesting that it could double in value in the foreseeable future.

"If you look at the cyclical nature of bitcoin that you're exactly right, it is likely to at least nearly double," she stated.

Her optimism is rooted in her experience and the historical performance of bitcoin.

"Just a couple of months ago we were in the low ($40,000 range), I think that's an incredible investment, even if you just got into bitcoin a few months ago," she said.

Kaiser recalled her early days in the industry when bitcoin was price at just $1, contrasting it with today's figures to illustrate the immense growth and investment potential.

"Seeing the price in the low range of $60,000 is incredibly exciting and I think it's something that a lot of people need to have a little bit of a longer-term perspective on," she advised.

Further distancing herself from typical investment advice, Kaiser focused on bitcoin's intrinsic qualities that contribute to its staying power: "I think the whole reason why bitcoin has its staying value is because of its utility, because of the way that it functions, the way that it cannot be stopped or deleted and is completely independent and immutable," she said.

Watch the full discussion here:

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