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As bitcoin price rebounds, Gryphon Digital Mining board chair calls it a 'very safe bet'

May 3, 2024
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As bitcoin price rebounds, Gryphon Digital Mining board chair calls it a 'very safe bet'

In her early days in law school, Brittany Kaiser, Chair of the Board at Gryphon Digital Mining, was unexpectedly given 1,000 bitcoins by a mentor, at a time when each token was valued at $1 apiece. Instead of holding onto this nascent digital currency, Kaiser donated it all to WikiLeaks, in the hopes of supporting the organization when it was financially excluded from major payment platforms.

Kaiser, who later joined and left Cambridge Analytica to eventually pursue a role in the crypto mining space, explained her choice was closely tied to her academic pursuits. At the time, she was writing her master's thesis on atrocity crimes, and the WikiLeaks documents provided invaluable research material. She saw her bitcoin donation as not just a financial decision, but an act of academic solidarity.

Today, with the price of the world's largest cryptocurrency soaring to new heights, the value of Kaiser's donation is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. But she does not regret the donation, she tells Roundtable on TheStreet. The real-time use and impact of those funds far outweighed any potential financial gain she might have experienced, she said.

Indeed, today is she is confident in bitcoin's long-term profitability and potential to yield growth for investors. “If you look at the cyclical nature of bitcoin… it is likely to nearly double, but the main thing that everyone should see is that bitcoin is a very safe bet,” she told Roundtable on TheStreet.

On Friday, bitcoin's price jumped past $61,000, reigniting confidence in the world's largest cryptocurrency. Overall, the total crypto market capitalization stood at $2.29 trillion, representing a 3.50% jump, while bitcoin spiked 4.62% over a 24-hour period,  CoinMarketCap data showed.

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